During the 2017 B.C. election BCACHC raised public awareness about critical gaps in funding
of health and social services throughout the province…

DID YOU KNOW? Community Health Centres have been delivering integrated, team-based primary care, health promotion and social services throughout B.C. for nearly 50 years.
DID YOU KNOW? Despite their role and impact, B.C.’s existing Community Health Centres do not receive core operational funding from the B.C. Government for their integrated primary care, health promotion and social services.
DID YOU KNOW? Many of B.C.’s existing Community Health Centres were built and paid for by local community members and local community members still finance major portions of these centres’ health and social services due to lack of funding from the B.C. Government.


BCACHC tabled four key recommendations to all B.C. political parties


In 2017-18, establish transitional funding of $6 million to be distributed among British Columbia’s existing CHCs. These funds will enable CHCs to address high priority operational gaps during this transition year and enable them to meaningfully participate in provincial strategic planning.


In 2017-18, establish a primary health care partnership table, with representation from BCACHC and other relevant associations/groups, to advance the province’s planning of primary health care, including necessary steps to ensure that all British Columbians have access to CHCs and other forms of Primary Care Homes and Patient Medical Homes, where needed.


By 2018-19, implement an annualized global funding model for existing CHCs in British Columbia that encompasses the package of team-based primary care, health promotion, community development initiatives and social services that they deliver. This funding model should be developed in cooperation with BCACHC and British Columbia’s CHCs, and we recommend that it be accompanied by mutual accountability agreements. Appendix 1 of BCACHC’s position paper provides a closer look at what core, annualized funding of a CHC looks like.


By 2020, invest in 20 new community-governed Community Health Centres throughout British Columbia to provide more British Columbia residents access to appropriate primary health care when and where needed.

Political parties indicated their respective commitments…

In our May 1, 2017 news release we summarized the political parties’ responses, which includes commitment from the BC NDP — BC’s new provincial government — to all four of BCACHC’s recommendations.

Exciting work is now underway!

BCACHC is currently working with its Community Health Centre members throughout the province to ensure that the new BC Government’s commitment of $6 million in transitional funding for CHCs this year will soon begin to improve capacity for health and social services in communities across BC.
Stay tuned for further updates over the months ahead!

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